Our Solutions

We offer business and technological consulting for diverse industries. We also act as technology enabler. We provide innovative consulting for infrastructure, telecommunication and software solutions, addressing problems arising in the field of complex dynamical systems. Though Enterprice Asset Management EAM, Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, analytics, big data and GRC is our favorite areas of choice we are always excited to expand in new areas and solve new problems. Check our solutions and explore how we can help you.

Enterprise Asset Management

Being a member of International Facilities Management Association. We understand that the world is moving towards convergence of Asset. With more and more intelligent controls communicating with each other, it has become vital to listen into the conversation of data and build information for both preventive and predictive maintenance.

We provide assessments, consulting and implementation services. We help clients to align themselves with the new trends and Enterprise Asset Management Standards (ISO - 55000). We are partners with the world leading EAM solution providers like SAP, IFS, IBM and Infor. However our consulting is driven to achieve our clients Goals and Objectives.

Enterprise Resource Planning

We are partners with the leading ERP solution providers like SAP, IFS, Oracle, Microsoft and Infor. We do not believe in one size fit all. Based on the goals and objectives of the customer, we propose and provide consulting and implementation services for the right ERP solution. You may be a small sized organization but SAP might be a better solution to meet your objects. We help you address the following questions

  • Everyone is trying to sell me their ‘Product’. Which is the right solution for my organization?
  • I’m a small organization, do I need Business Analytics with ERP solution.
  • People say it takes multiple years to implement an ERP. I do not have time for such a long endeavor

Digital Transformation cosultancy and services

Technology is rapidly changing the way that businesses interact with customers and employees. Digital transformation enables the technical and cultural shift from broadcasting to more meaningful interaction, providing the means for organizations to earn digital dividends including:

Your future customers will search for brands who share their values and invest in positive interactions. So much more than an IT deployment; people live at the heart of the digital transformation journey. The new differentiators that will allow businesses to evolve include inspired leadership that is prepared to innovate with digital while promoting skills that embrace agility and experimentation.